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The approach Injury Specialists has toward rehabilitation is truly one of a kind. The team integrates a thorough knowledge of injury anatomy, injury physiology, structural and functional changes within the body, and these effects on pain. This team consisting of physicians, physical therapists, nurses, radiology technicians, and administrative staff not only integrate this knowledge but stress patient education. It is important for the patient to realize and understand the connection of their pain to abnormal structure and function before treatment even begins.

The treatment plan is not only based on the individuality of each patient but the physical findings within the examination, the patient's history, and any diagnostic tests, such as weightbearing spine films, a leg length scanogram, or an MRI. During a patient's first initial consult with Dr. Barry or Rachel Feinberg, weightbearing spine films are usually obtained. These x-rays allow the opportunity for the physician and team to explain the spinal connection to the patient's pain. However, the more difficult portion of the patient's pain is to explain the peripheral dysfunctions in soft tissue and biomechanics. It is so important for the patient to understand both these contributing factors. During the consult, the physicians will become more familiar with how the patient has used their bodies through sporting activities or manual labor and/or of any traumas or motor vehicle accidents. This is the subjective information that is so imperative in determining the treatment plan as well as gaining the trust of the patient. It is this thorough and detailed examination that so often leaves the patient in awe of the attention and commitment provided by the physicians. This is also the time when the patient can become emotional at the lack of understanding in previous treatment(s) or how this is the 9th or 10th place they have sought treatment and no one else has provided these explanations.

After the consult, injection and manual physical therapy and oral medications management are discussed in the plan of care. The injections help make the corrections in spinal alignment, decrease inflammation, or provide relaxation of dysfunctional muscles. The manual physical therapy helps to maintain the body in these corrections. The goal of providing medications to is to enhance comfort, develop the ability to cope with stress, and improve the ability to work and perform activities of daily living.

The physical therapists, the physicians, and the Injury Specialist team work together with the patient on every case. It is also the value placed on patient education that removes the patient away from the victim role and places them as an active participant in their own care. It is this collaborative effort at Injury Specialist that creates the most successful rehabilitation.

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It is our Company Mission to improve the quality of medicine, personal relationships and business in a three-dimensional way; so we can open the door to healing and growth for our patients, our families, and ourselves.

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